Six Rounds of Laughter and Applause During Di Dongsheng’s Speech

Hello, everyone, welcome to “Inconvenient Truths”. I am your host Jennifer Zeng.

A lot of things have happened since I released a viral video on Dec 4. That video ended up in a Tucker Carlson show, and President Trump tweeted it. And then my video got deleteded by YouTube on Dec 10, right after YouTube announced that it would start deleting all videos that dispute the election results. Although my video is not about the election dispute, it became, perhaps, the first, or one of the first victims of YouTube’s massacre. Then I got quite a lot of media attention because of all this and have done quite a few interviews in the past few days. That’s why I haven’t been able to do any new videos until now.

Today, finally, I am back. But I don’t want to talk about all the drama. Instead, I want to focus on the video itself. I have always wanted to do a show to talk about it since I finished the translation. Today I’m finally doing it.

Top Secrets Revealed

OK, the video is an 18-minute speech of a top CCP professor and key opinion leader. You may already know that his name is Di Dongsheng. The main point of his speech was to explain why the “opening up” of China’s financial sector has been accelerating in 2020, and why it should accelerate.

But he might not have realized that during his speech, he revealed too many of the CCP’s top secrets, such as how the CCP has its own people at the top, the core inner circle of politics and influence in the US; President Trump is the only one that the CCP couldn’t and cannot fix via Wall Street; the CCP was very happy to see Biden’s election; and the CCP has a lot of “deals” with Biden’s son, etc.

He also revealed an untold story of how a Wall Street elite used a Mafia-like method to “fix” the owner of the “Politics and Prose” bookstore in Washington DC so that the CCP could hold a book launch event for Xi Jinping, etc.

Videos Deleted

After my video was released and circulated widely in the English speaking world, the CCP ordered to have all the original Chinese videos deleted inside China. Chinese netizens are telling me that they have to jump over the “Great Firewall” to watch Di Dongsheng’s speech, only to find that YouTube has also deleted it.

As there are so many things to watch in this 18-minute speech, I will break them up, and discuss them from the following aspects.

  1. The Laughter and Applause from the Audience

During this 18 minute speech, the live audience-I think there were over a thousand people there-laughed and applauded 6 times.

This first time was when he explained why during 1992–2016, the CCP was able to fix everything in the US. Let’s take a look.

Di Dongsheng: “It’s just because we have people at the top. At the top of America’s core inner circle of power & influence, we have our old friends.”

When he said, “It’s just because we have people at the top,” the audience laughed out loud. They were so pleased that “we have people at the top”, and that America had become the CCP’s prey.

The second time was when he told that story of how a Wall Street elite helped the CCP to fix the bookstore owner in Washington.

Di Dongsheng: “What did I mean by that? There’s nothing that dollars can’t handle, right? If I can’t do it with one stack of dollars, I’ll do it with two. Of course, that’s my way of handling things.”

When he said that there is nothing that dollars can’t fix, if he can’t fix it with one stack of dollars, he will do it with two, everybody laughed with agreement and appreciation. Everybody agreed that this was the way one should do things.

And then Di Dongsheng said, “Of course, that’s my way of handling things.” When he said this, there was a seemingly humble smile on his face. It seems while he was bragging about his way of handling things with dollars, he tried to appear humble about his. But in fact, he was very proud and feeling so pleased with himself.

The audience awarded him with another round of laughter in appreciation.

The third round of laughter happens when he said that the Wall Street elite who helped the CCP to fix the bookstore owner had a permanent Beijing residence.

Di Dongsheng: “She said, I not only have Chinese citizenship but also have Beijing Hukou( registered permanent residence). I have a Siheyuan (quadrangle dwellings) on Chang’an Street in the Dongcheng district. When you come back to Beijing, come and have tea with me. If you need anything here this year, don’t forget to call me. What did that mean? She could fix anything here.”

When he said that the “old lady” had Beijing Hukou, which is the Chinese term for registered permanent residence, the audience laughed out loud.

Hukou is something special in China. It is like a green card in the US, but only valid in a particular city. If you don’t have a Hukou in Beijing, you are not really a legitimate resident. One Beijing Hukou could be worth nearly 2 million yuan or 305 K US dollars.

So when Di Dongsheng said that the old lady from Wall Street had a Beijing Hukou, the audience laughed because having a Beijing Hukou means she really is one of the CCP’s people, that’s why and how she got a Beijing Hukou, which is very difficult for ordinary Chinese people to gain if they were not born in Beijing. So the audience was very happy that the Wall Street elite had already become a member of China by having a Beijing Hukou.

The 4th and 5th round of laughter happened when Di Dongsheng announced that Biden was elected, and that “there are a lot of deals inside all these”.

Di Dongsheng: But now we’re seeing Biden was elected, the traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment, they’re very close to Wall Street, so you see that, right?

Trump has been saying that Biden’s son has some sort of global foundation. Have you noticed that?

Who helped him (Biden’s son) build the foundations? Got it? There are a lot of deals inside all these.

Did you notice it? The audience clapped their hands and laughed proudly after Di Dongsheng says “there are a lot of deals inside all these”. Although he didn’t mention the CCP’s name directly, everybody understood immediately that it was the CCP who helped Biden’s son with setting up the global foundations, so Biden’s son and therefore Biden, and then the US, are all now in the CCP’s pocket since Biden would be the next President of the US.

Now let me tell you a secret.

When I watched this video for the first time, it was at this stage, when I watched this round of laughter and applause from the audience, that I decided that I must translate the whole video into English so that English speakers can not only listen to what Di Dongsheng has to say, but also get to watch the interactions between him and the audience to understand the overall situation better.

It also pained my heart so much to see that all the audience immediately understood that it was the CCP that helped Biden’s son to set up global foundations without him having to mention the CCP’s name.

However, inside the US, where it is more important for the public to know the true stories of their presidential candidates so that they can make an informed decision when casting their votes, almost all the lamestream media and social media platforms had been blocking and suppressing the news of Biden family’s corruption like mad before the election. They said those are fake, or unverified, or hacked stories, so they couldn’t report it, or allow it to be reported or spread.

Because of the suppression of the lamestream media and social media platforms, the American public is losing its right to know, to be properly informed about important information and issues. Instead, they are deceived and heavily misled.

While people in China are feeling so good that they could finally once again have one of their puppets inside the White House, the American public is deprived of their rights to know the true situations.

Isn’t this sad? That’s why I was motivated to do the translation.

The 6th round of laughter happened when Di Dongsheng said that when China succeeds with the opening-up of its financial sector, the chance to earn money will be bigger.

Di Dongsheng: “When our financial opening-up succeeds, we will be speculating on Shanghai stocks and Shenzhen stocks in the future, the chance to win money will be a little bit bigger, although still limited. “

Well, these are the 6 rounds of laughter and applause in his speech. I have been outside of China for nearly 20 years. So sometimes I feel it’s hard to catch up with what is happening in China now, and to what extent the moral values have declined.

I was amazed to see how this professor could openly boast about how he believed that there is nothing in the world that can’t be fixed with money, and how proud he was when he said that he was chosen by the leader to negotiate a venue for Xi Jinping’s book launch because he was good at “fooling” foreigners.

When he told the “little story” about how the big nose old Jewish lady helped the CCP fix that bookstore owner, he used the same word 傲嬌 to describe that owner who initially refused to give the venue to him because that time slot was already booked by another author.

Who is Really “Spoiled”?

傲嬌 can be translated to “arrogant” and “spoiled”. Di Dongsheng used this word five times to describe the bookstore owner and also said that the owner “really put on airs with me.”

For me, it is totally understandable and normal that if someone has already booked the venue, you of course can’t give it to another person. You must abide by the contract.

But for Di Dongsheng, whoever dares to refuse his request is “arrogant” and “spoiled”, and is “putting on airs with me”.

So from this, we can see that Di Dongsheng must have been having a very smooth ride with his dollars everywhere else before that, and that’s why he felt it was so unacceptable that a bookstore owner would dare refuse him because the venue had already been booked.

So who has been spoiled? It is Di Dongsheng himself, and the people who spoiled him were those who were willing to be bought over by money.

But sadly, there are so many people in the US, and other countries, who have been corrupted by the CCP and have become the CCP’s agents. That’s why we are seeing such a critically dangerous moment in US history: This nation has been corrupted from the top and is ready to fall into the CCP’s traps.

Opening-up the Financial Sector: Goodwill to Biden

There are several other things to note in Di Dongsheng’s speech.

One is that he finally admitted that the CCP had agreed to open up its financial sector in 2001, when it was allowed to join the WTO, but failed to fulfill its promise, so it is now opening it up.

But have you noticed this? He also admitted that another reason for the CCP to open up the financial sector is to express some goodwill to Biden, and “there is a tactical and political value in it”.

A Parasite Feeding on the US Economy

Toward the end of his speech, he admitted that the CCP’s economy was a parasite or a plant that was grafted onto the US system. And the reason why the Chinese economy could boom so quickly was that the energy of the US economy was big, the market was big.

So, that is to say, Di Dongsheng admitted that the CCP’s economy is a parasite growing on the U.S. system, developing only by feeding on the U.S. economy.

Open-up the Financial Sector: Another Round of “Fooling the Foreigners”

Lastly, he admitted that by opening up the financial sector, the CCP could have foreign players go to its own backyard to “cultivate the root of the plant” for the CCP, and under the CCP’s own rules.

I think there are quite a lot of people who feel very happy about the CCP’s willingness to finally open up its financial sector after nearly 20 years and think that the CCP finally gave in to the pressure from the west.

For those people, they really need to have a listen to what Di Dongsheng said. The reality is, after sucking up the nutrition of the manufacturing sector of the US, the CCP now wants to suck up the nutrition of the financial sector of the US and the West, so that not only the flowers and fruits of the tree of the CCP’s economy can flourish, but also its root and branches.

Are you willing to be “fooled” again by professor Di Dongsheng, and the CCP?

That’s all for today. I’ve opened up a back-up Rumble channel in case YouTube deletes my videos again. Please search for “Inconvenient Truths by Jennifer Zeng” there, and you’ll be able to find and subscribe to it.

Thank you. Please help me spread the truth, and see you next time!


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