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Jennifer Zeng
2 min readMar 9

The picture shows my study room with a gym, but I barely have time to work out. So, I came up with my own method. I took off two dumbbell “wheels” that weigh a total of 25 pounds, put them in a backpack, and carry it on my back whenever I go up and down the stairs. Sometimes I also carry it when I do things downstairs.


Today, I purposely carried an 8-pound dumbbell on my body while walking. At first, it felt light, but after walking for a while, it was different because the road was always sloping up and down. I could clearly feel the increasing pressure on my heart, so I only walked half of the usual distance before turning back. Don’t exhaust yourself on the first day.


What I can tell you is that every time I take off the heavy backpack, I feel so light all over my body.


Will I be able to train my light kung fu this way?


(Oh, I am such a diligent and self-disciplined good kid.


Also, today a friend told me that many people are actually reading the articles that I write just for fun. This gave me a sense of responsibility.


After all, the roads we have traveled and the roads we have yet to travel are all paths that no one has gone before. There are no precedents for us. We have to work out how to walk our own ways. In this sense, what each “traveler” is doing can be a reference for others, right?


Of course, everyone has to ultimately figure out how to walk his/her own path by himself/herself. For me, to be able to enlighten oneself to the Way is crucial.


My friend also said that I am brave. I guess I am.

Jennifer Zeng

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