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“Self-criticism” of 800 Words 八百字的檢討書

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This photo was taken when I was about 14 years old, in junior middle school. When I look back at the three not very eventful years of my junior middle school from 1978 to 1981, there was only one thing that affected me deeply.


As I have shared in my article “Jennifer’s Photo Stories (12) — Banned Books Mean Everything “, I had always been hungry for books ever since my childhood. When I was in junior middle school, although my best friend and main “supplier” of “out-of-class” reading materials had left, I somehow still managed to get books to read through other channels (Where there is a will, there is a way).

正如我在《 曾錚的圖片故事(12)-莊稼地裏的「祕密通道」 》這篇文章中所說,我從小就是個書迷。進入初中以後,雖然爲我提供課外讀物的好朋友離開了,但我還是總能變著法子找來一些書看,正所謂「有志者,事競成」。

One day in our so-called “self-study class”, I was reading a picture-story book about Yue Fei (1103–1142) , a great Chinese military general in Song dynasty. He was described as a national hero in the book. But I remembered that our history teacher had told us that Yue Fei couldn’t be called a national hero because he had suppressed peasant uprisings. So I whispered my doubts with a classmate.


Unfortunately enough, my whispering was caught by the students who were on duty to patrol the school to check how disciplined every class was. In the “self-study class”, everyone was supposed to study or do their school work quietly. So my reading a non-textbook and my whispering were all regarded as misconduct. As a result, the score of our class was 0.5 or 1 point lower than usual.


When our class teacher, who happened to be our history teacher too, learned about this, and especially about the fact that I was questioning what she had taught us about Yue Fei, she became so furious that she ordered me to write a “self-criticism” statement no less than 800 words and then read it out in front of the entire class.



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