First Hand Investigation: At Least 1.5 Million Fake Ballots Were Printed in China

Jennifer Zeng
7 min readDec 31, 2020


Hello, everyone, welcome to “Inconvenient Truths”. I am your host Jennifer Zeng.

A while ago, when I discussed the CCP’s interference with the US election, I played an audio file of a Chinese speaking man ordering fake ballots from another Chinese speaking man in China. Today we have the pleasure of inviting the person who was “ordering” the fake ballots to talk about his experiences while investigating this issue.

First, let’s see who this person is.

Vinness Ollervides:”Hi, my name is Vinness A Ollervides. I am 24 years old.”

Actually, Ollervides comes from a so-called “red family” in China, and is often referred to as the “third-generation red”. He is also a descendant of the Manchu Royal Family. His grandfather was a minority high-level CCP official, bestowed with the title “the Founder of Republic”. His father once served as the vice president of the state-owned China Everbright Bank, but was then detained and died in prison during Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign.

Ollervides is now a political activist living overseas.

How Does the Investigation Start

Now, let’s listen to the audio file first. Please read the English transcripts on the screen if you don’t understand Chinese.

As you can tell, the audio file is Ollervides himself calling a factory in Guangzhou, China. He pretended that he wanted to order some fake ballots from the factory, and negotiated quantity, price, method of transportation and payment, etc.

I asked Ollervides when and why he wanted to make such a call. He said it was right after Election Day, when he felt…



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